This is a Peace & Love Music Tour from Dar es Salaam to the world “- announced Abeneko, the head of the band, recently informing about the upcoming Europe tour of ABENEKO & THE POSITIVE MIND this summer 2024. Abeneko singer, songwriter, guitarist and choreographer from Tanzania will be touring with 5 well-established musicians to bring their thrilling performance one stage – this year with their new music talking about war, the divesting reality people recently facing from Ukraine to Gaza to Congo and beyond.

Abeneko & The Positive Mind’s music is a fusion of contemporary East African beats including singeli melodies, funk and Afro-fusion combined with traditional dance and rhythms. Their music aims to promote Tanzanian traditional and contemporary music, dance and culture. The band is well known for their energetic and wonderful live performance with storytelling, entertaining and strong messages that address different issues in society and culture.

‘’It’s imperative that we come together as a global community to put an end to these senseless conflicts and strive for peace“, stresses the successful Tanzanian band in their statement. The impact of war on children and women is particularly heartbreaking, as they are often the most affected by violence, displacement, and trauma. As musicians we take a lead and say We must raise our voices since it is time to prioritize the well-being of all people, especially those who are most at risk. Let us stand united in the pursuit of peace and justice for all.

With their new music the band strives to bring only good, unifying vibes to their audience who can enjoy the joy of Eat African tunes as well as listen to the smooth sounds reminding all of us humanity, responsibilities and our power in making this world a better place through action – through music. Abeneko & The Positive Mind have performed at major festivals around East Africa including @sautizabusara @bayimbafestival and @karibumusicfestival as well as tours in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Uganda, Germany, Denmark, Finland and USA since 2017. During their latest summer tour in Germany 2023 they contributed to music festivals like „Durchlüften – Open Air im Schlüterhof“ in Berlin, played concerts at venues like Ufa-Fabrik, the Swag Jam at Badehaus as well as the Afrika-Tage Nürnberg or a festival in the City of Cologne.

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